Regarding VISA
Credit Cards

Lost or Stolen Cards
(24/7 Access)
1 (800) 449-7728

File a Dispute
1 (888) 918-7322

Card Activation
1 (800) 527-7728

General Inquiries
1 (800) 654-7728

Regarding MasterCard®
Debit Cards

Lost or Stolen Debit Card
(24/7 Access)
1 (800) 264-5578

Return a Call to Fraud Department
(24/7 Access)
1 (866) 842-5208

Reset Debit Card Pin
1 (800) 448-8268

Response Line

(24/7 Access)
1 (800) 633-4364

Greenville, SC
(24/7 Access)
1 (864) 232-3645

Debit Card Users – Contact Us Prior to Traveling

To ensure that your debit card will work in a state or country that you are traveling to, please contact our Member Service Center at (864) 232-5553 or 1 (800) 922-0446.

We often need to block debit card signature transactions within certain states or countries due to fraud, but can unblock your card for the time period of your travels with prior notice.

If you use your card with a PIN it will most often work as normal. Also, make sure that your phone number and email are updated with us in case you need to be contacted. We apologize for this inconvenience, but it has become a necessary step for us to protect our members from fraud and losses.

Use the My Mobile Money App to manage your debit card as well. With various features available, you can check transactions, turn on notifications, set your location and receive fraud alerts—anytime, anywhere.

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Easley | 1 (864) 859-3607
Greenville-Mills Avenue | 1 (864) 271-2300
Greenville-Verdae | 1 (864) 297-8984
Spartanburg | 1 (864) 585-8999
Taylors | 1 (864) 527-5328

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