This holiday get your bucks in a row.

Does holiday shopping rob you of your joy every year? Do you dread looking at your bank account on January 1, trying to figure out how to make up for holiday splurges? This year, enter into the holidays with a heart full of cheer, rather than a head full of fear. Saving for Christmas is easier than you think with our Christmas Club Account.

Christmas club gift

How It Works

Getting started is simple—see an SC Telco specialist and ask if you can enroll in a Christmas Club account. Then, link it to your Share Savings Account and stock a little away all year long through payroll deduction. Your Christmas Club account can be opened anytime during the year, it automatically renews, and best of all, the funds are automatically transferred to your Savings Account just in time for holiday shopping.

Unlike a regular checking account, you’ll also earn monthly dividends*! It’s both practical and rewarding to save up in advance for a fun financial goal. As an added bonus, many account-holders find that starting small with a Christmas Club account or a Vacation Savings account turns them into lifelong savers.

*No minimum balance required. Dividends are earned and posted monthly. Money automatically transfers to Savings Account and is available November 1st. Additional withdrawals are available for a fee of $10 per withdrawal.

Contact Us

You can enroll for a Christmas Club account at any of our local branches. Have questions? Just ask. We are happy to discuss the benefits of this, or any other savings account with you. We love to provide added service to our members; we can even sit down with you, look at your average holiday spending, and help you figure out how much you should be saving each year in order to have Christmas completely covered by November.

Don’t let the pressures of the season turn you into a grinch this year. We want this to be your most magical and peaceful Christmas yet, and with our Christmas Club savings account, we’re confident that it can be.  
Let there be peace on earth…and let it begin with me!

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Our Vacation Savings Accounts are a fun way to save for a fun time. Financial advisors agree that it’s a good idea to have an emergency fund, saving up in case something goes wrong. Car repairs, medical issues, or home repairs can all put a dent in our bank account. But it’s equally important to save up for the times when everything is going right.


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