The ancient expression “save for a rainy day” got it all wrong.

In fact, when it comes to our finances, it turns out it’s the sun we have to look out for, not the rain. Studies show that people are more likely to make impulse purchases on longer, brighter days than on gloomy days—something about sunshine makes us feel more optimistic and more willing to part with our money. And did you know that, overall, Americans spend more money in the summer than any other season?

Of course, a lot of that increase has to do with spending more time with the kids and taking vacations during the summer, which is why we started our Vacation Savings Accounts.


How It Works

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little extra in your account just when you need it most? What if you had a sunny day fund, so that you could treat your family, or yourself, to some guilt-free summer indulgences? It’s easy to enroll in the program. Simply add to your vacation account through payroll deduction and you’re on your way to an even sunnier summer full of planned impulse buys and last-minute road trips.

Not only will you earn monthly dividends on your savings account, you can also make up to two withdrawals per year with no penalty when you need to get away from it all.

*No minimum balance required. Dividends are earned and posted monthly. Withdrawals may be made twice per year without penalty. Additional withdrawals are available for a fee of $10 per withdrawal.

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Our Vacation Savings Account is a fun way to save for a fun time. Financial advisors agree that it’s a good idea to have an emergency fund, saving up in case something goes wrong. Car repairs, medical issues, or home repairs can all put a dent in our bank account. But it’s equally important to save up for the times when everything is going right.


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