Secure Banking Applications So You Can Travel Safe

Are Your Accounts Ready for Vacation?

You lock your house and enable your alarms when you go away on vacation—but what about your financial accounts and other personal information? According to Consumer Reports, identity thieves like to wait until your guard is down to strike, making vacation a prime opportunity to gather sensitive data. In fact, over 20% of travelers have had their identity compromised on the road. Fortunately, our secure mobile banking applications make it easier than ever to protect yourself while you’re away.


Mobile Banking Could Make or Break Your Vacation

There’s never a good time to worry about debit card fraud, but during your vacation is possibly the worst time of all. On top of being a major stressor, a fraudulent charge to your account while you’re out of town can eat up precious time and money.

Through the My Mobile Money phone app, SC Telco provides secure debit card information, all without having to stand in line at the branch or hold the phone line from your condo. That way, you can spend your time doing what you want to do rather than dealing with information theft and worrying about your finances.


Top Security Features

Turning your Card on/off – Misplaced your debit card, realized it’s been stolen, or not sure if the information’s been cloned or stolen while you were out and about? No worries—protecting your checking account is quick and easy. Simply access your account from the My Mobile Money app and turn your card off. No further purchases will be allowed, and you can rest easy knowing that if your card shows up (at the bottom of the beach bag, right?) that you can simply turn it back on again and not miss a beat.

Fraud Alerts – There’s probably no other time you use your debit card as much as you do on vacation—for food, shopping, hotels and more. Unfortunately, that means there’s no other time when your checking account is more vulnerable to fraud and information theft. Fortunately, with My Mobile Money Fraud Alerts, you’ll be notified if anything suspicious comes through your account, and you’ll have the opportunity to accept or deny that you made the purchase.

Location Notifier – If your idea of a great time away doesn’t include notifying the credit union every time you switch cities or states…good news, you don’t have to! You can now use SC Telco’s location notifier through the My Mobile Money app. This service notifies the credit union as to your true location—to reduce fraudulent charges to your account and prevent your account from being locked out, leaving you inconvenienced at the next roadside fast food stop! We get it. So, with location notifier, you’re free to roam, and we’ll make sure that wherever you are, your purchasing trail matches the paths you take.

Purchase Notifications – Big purchases can mean a big dent in your finances, and it’s worse if you don’t know who made them, or why. But with the notifications program through the My Mobile Money app, you’ll know exactly when you’re spending and where your money is going—from the giant stuffed iguana, to the full spa experience and more. Simply set your alerts and the My Mobile Money app will notify you within minutes of purchases!

While no one can guarantee account invincibility while you’re away, secure online banking has never been easier, and we’re constantly looking for new ways to continue to provide service and protect your assets. Check out our site for more information on mobile apps, checking accounts, and savings options.


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