Few things are more valuable than your identity, so protect it.


A lot of things can be replaced or repaired, but identity theft is something that no one wants to go through. That’s why we’ve build protection—through ID Protect—right into our Rewards Checking account. This powerful identity-theft protection service features a range of services, including Credit File Monitoring, Total Identity Monitoring, access to a 3-in-1 Credit Report, Credit Score, Cellular Telephone Protection and more. With ID Protect, you can rest assured that you have coverage in case the worst happens to you.

Filing a claim is easy

With ID Protect, filing a claim is easy, easing some of the burden of your loss. At any time, you can access news and information at IDProtectMe247.com. Resolution Services are available from 8 am until 4pm EST at 877-610-7889.

For service after hours, please call 877-237-9602.

For lost or stolen credit cards, call 877-610-7889.

To access your master policy for claims or identity fraud expense reimbursement, call 877-610-7889.

For cellular telephone claims, call 877-610-7889.

For Accidental Death and Dismemberment claims, call 866-210-0361.

For more information on ID Protect or any of its available services, visit IDProtectMe247.com.

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