Why Online Bill Pay Beats Your Vendor’s Online Payment System

We all have bills to pay, and that chore is probably not one of the household tasks that scores very high on the “like to do” stack. Fortunately, with options like MONEYLINK℠ Online Bill Pay, paying your monthly bills just got a whole lot easier.

Whether you currently spend time running bills around town, pay everything online through the vendor sites, or a mix of mail, online payments and more, Bill Pay can save time and money (think of it: no trips to the cable provider’s stuffy corporate office; no stamp books to buy at the post office).


The Benefits of Online Bill Pay

Pay wherever, whenever. If you’re like many people (half the U.S., in fact), you take full advantage of mobility, and pay your bills online through a mobile device. Using MONEYLINK℠ Online Bill Pay means you can continue to pay bills online —and cut down the data, as well, by visiting one site to manage all your payments.

Stop site hopping. When you’re paying each bill online with each vendor, that still means you’re spending the time to go to each site individually. With seven or more bills that each home typically pays (rent or mortgage, energy, water, car, phone, internet and insurance), that’s seven or more sites you have to hit, seven passwords to remember, seven due dates to keep in mind….well, you get the picture. With Bill Pay, you get online through your own account, log all payments, and then just let them happen.

Skip the mail altogether. Just because your landlord doesn’t have an online payment system doesn’t mean you have to manage your rent payment separately. Simply enter his information into MONEYLINK℠ Online Bill Pay, add the due date and voila, a check is cut to him at his address. (Want an added benefit? Don’t pay a ton of money on paper checks—just let your Bill Pay system cut their own!)

One card; One account; One system. A 2016 U.S. Consumer Payment Study recently showed that 33 percent of people paid recurring bills via their debit card, compared to five percent who prefer cash and 14 percent who prefer check. An online Bill Pay system means that everything is linked to your checking account, making transactions—and keeping track of them—as easy as logging activity through one account.

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