Mobile Banking: So easy you can do it in Car Line

mobile bankingThe kids are headed back to school, and along with early schedules, homework, and new friends, you also have something else to look forward to—the car line. For many, it’s time wasted…sitting in an endless lot of cars waiting for your precious little ones to be released from school. But car line is actually a great place to get some things crossed off your to-do list—a glorious 30 minutes or so of uninterrupted quiet time. And with mobile banking from SC Telco, you can do a lot during that time.

Here’s what you could accomplish with our online and mobile banking services in just 30 minutes:

Deposit a paycheck – 5 minutes.

With Mobile Deposit now an option with SC Telco personal checking accounts, it’s easy to deposit your check while in line. Simply snap a photo of the check and upload the details to us, and we’ll get your money in your account—usually within one business day.

Check Your Credit – 10 minutes.

You’re going to have to spend a little longer on this, because you’ll have to do some verification of your identity, but checking your credit is something that you should do on a regular basis. And it’s not all about your credit score—you’ll need to double check and make sure that all your accounts are listed and current on a current credit report. If you notice something unusual, check into it; you don’t want someone else using your credit fraudulently. SC Telco’s Rewards Checking account comes with ID Protect, which manages all your credit report needs in one fell swoop.

Manage Your Debit Card- 5 minutes.

While you’re at it, manage your debit card through our My Mobile Money app, which will send out a quick notification if a certain spending limit is breached, if your card is used outside of your current location, or if something unusual hits your account. You’ll also receive instant fraud alerts if your card is used for suspicious activity.

Sign up for E-Statements – 5 minutes.

Who goes to the mailbox anymore? There’s really no need—now you can sign up for e-statements on your SC Telco accounts. From rewards checking to personal savings accounts, you can see it all online, making your next 30-minute money management session go a little smoother. It’s the first step in a holistic mobile banking process.

Pay Your Bills – 5 minutes.

It may seem like a short amount of time, but with our online bill pay, paying your bills only has to take a few minutes. With all of your accounts pre-set, all it takes is choosing an amount to pay and clicking the button. And we’re not talking about licking stamps—SC Telco handles the check, the mail, and the payment, all within a couple of days.

In line a little longer than expected? Spend those extra few minutes checking out our financial calculators to help determine what that new car you’re thinking about might cost, finance a new house, or get a loan to pay off the orthodontist.

Do not manage your finances while driving a vehicle. The suggestions provided are for individuals parked in a non-moving vehicle only. SC Telco is not responsible for damages/accidents incurred for irresponsible actions.

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