My Location Services 101: A My Mobile Money Primer

If you’re familiar with the My Mobile Money app, you may have come across the access to Control Preferences within the app itself. There are four main categories of control preferences—Locations, Merchant Types, Transaction Types and Spend Limits—all of which can help guard your account from fraudulent purchases.


Setting Locations in My Mobile Money

In the Locations control, you can set controls based on location, region or international guidelines. Your device location will be sent to My Mobile Money when significant location changes are detected.  Then that information is used to match address information for the store location where you are making a  purchase. Then, if your device location does not intersect with the zip code in which the store is located, that purchase may be declined based on your other Location preferences. You can save up to three regions as controls at any time.

For example, if you are traveling to Virginia, you would want to ensure that you include that region in your controls, or else purchases there might be declined.  Likewise, if you are planning a trip overseas, you’ll want to ensure that you include whatever countries you plan to visit on your trip within the International controls, so you can retain full access to your account. (It’s important to note that sometimes, a centralized office address is used on the purchase instead of the physical store location, such as when an online purchase is billed through a national headquarters states away.) In these cases, the app will not apply to My Location preference for that transaction.

As an added benefit, you can also set Spending Limits within the app, either by transaction or by month, further increasing the level of security.

To use My Mobile Money Location controls, go to your settings tab, locate the control you’d like to enable, and set it to “on.”  You must enable a category if you wish to use the controls available, and if you disable a category you will no longer have access to those controls to manage your purchasing preferences. You can also use the “on” and “off” controls to fully decline or accept all purchases.

For more information on Location Controls, as well as other controls within My Mobile Money, visit the My Mobile Money section of our website.

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