A no-fee checking account that gives back!

With a Kasasa Cash Back® checking account, enjoy a free checking account with the ability to earn cash back rewards on everyday debit card purchases. And if there’s a month when you don’t qualify for the rewards, don’t worry! The account is still free.

Kasasa Cash Back®

  • $0 monthly maintenance cost
  • $100 opening deposit
  • 3% cash back on debit card purchases, up to $9 per cycle
  • Up to $25 nationwide ATM fee refunds per cycle
  • Make at least 12 debit card purchases per cycle; and
  • Enroll in direct deposit or perform an ACH transaction; and
  • Enroll in & agree to receive e-statements

Get Started

KASASA CASH BACK CHECKING ACCOUNT: This account allows you to earn cash back up to 3% of the first $300.00 in posted monthly charges (purchases) for a maximum monthly cash back of $9.00 if the minimum criteria are met. The minimum criteria include; 1) making 12 debit card point-of sale purchases that are posted to your account during the monthly qualification cycle; 2) having one incoming direct deposit OR electronic auto debit (ACH) debit from your Kasasa Cash Back account; and 3) are receiving your monthly statements electronically (e-statements). If you meet all minimum service requirements during a monthly qualification cycle, your cash back credit (up to a maximum of $9.00) will be credited to your account during the first week of the next monthly qualification cycle. In addition, if all minimum service requirements are met during a monthly qualification cycle then all domestic ATM fees (up to a maximum of $25.00) will be refunded during the first week of the next monthly qualification cycle.

ACCOUNT LIMITATIONS: Limited to one each per primary account holder’s social security number.

MONTHLY QUALIFICATION CYCLE: The monthly qualification cycle begins at 12:01am on the last day of the month and ends at midnight of the second to the last day of the following month.

REMOVAL FROM KASASA PROGRAM: Accounts that do not meet the minimum service requirements during the monthly qualification cycle for a period of six (6) consecutive months will no longer qualify for a Kasasa account and the account(s) will be converted as follows: Kasasa Saver will convert to a Secondary Share account; Kasasa Cash Checking and Kasasa Cash Back Checking will convert to a Simply Checking Account, which is assessed a monthly service fee as outlined on the Fee Schedule. Upon removal from the Kasasa program, you will not be eligible for a Kasasa account in the future; however, an exception may be made at the discretion of the branch manager.

“Kasasa Cash Back” is a trademark of Kasasa, registered in the U.S.A.