Financial Preparedness Before Natural Disasters Strike

In addition to preparing for you and your family’s personal safety if a natural disaster should strike, you also need to prepare for the financial challenges associated with them.  Some of those challenges include having access to cash, financial services, and personal identification should you need to pay for supplies, temporary housing or to conduct other personal financial matters. We hope you find these practical tips helpful:

Get Cash – During and after a natural disaster, power outages and downed communication lines are a common issue.  As a result, you may have trouble using credit and debit cards, so having cash on hand is very important.  Plan to get your cash ahead of time!

E-Statements – When a natural disaster occurs, mail service is often disrupted.  To ensure that your account statements arrive on time, receiving E-Statements could be beneficial.  It’s the most secure way to receive your account statements at any time.

Mobile Banking – If you’re unable to get to one of our branch locations, you may still be able to make check deposits, make transfers and pay bills by using the SC Telco Mobile App.  It’s available for both Android and Apple devices.

CO-OP Shared Branching –  If one of our branches isn’t available, or isn’t convenient for you, you can access your SC Telco accounts at more than 5,000 Shared Branches across the United States and Canada.  To access your accounts at a Shared Branch, you will need your SC Telco account number and a valid photo ID.

Before you find yourself away from home and unable to access your financial information, take a few moments to verify your account numbers, passwords, and PINs on all your accounts.  You may also want to make sure you have important documents with you including: driver’s license, state issued ID, Social Security card, insurance cards and policies for you and immediate family members.  Make sure these are stored in a waterproof plastic bag and be prepared to take them with you if you must evacuate!

Jessica Baker

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