Dennis Jefferson, Business Intelligence Manager Earns Business Analytics Certification

In late 2019, Dennis Jefferson was named the Business Intelligence Manager of SC Telco. In this new position, Jefferson leads the initiative to transform, analyze, and interpret data to position the Credit Union to better serve our members.

Jefferson recently received a certification in “Business Analytics: From Data to Insights” from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. This 9 week course (approximately 45 hours) provided valuable insight in understanding how analytics can be used to drive strategic organizational decisions.

Jefferson shared, “With the concepts, methods, and tools from this program, I am able to identify insights, make predictions, and prescribe actions that will help optimize marketing, operations, and hiring efforts for SC Telco.”

Last week, SC Telco’s Executive Leadership Team presented Dennis with the certificate.

SC Telco Executive Leadership Team presenting Dennis Jefferson with certificate.




Bethani Williams

Marketing Director

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