The Dream Center

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

About Us

The Dream Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit that encourages, educates and empowers people in need through the love of Jesus Christ by offering a hand up instead of hand out. One of the ways they offer a hand up instead of a hand out is through education by providing free classes to the public. Class topics include parenting, budgeting, health, Bible study and more. Participants earn $8 Dream Dollars for each class attended. Dream Dollars can be redeemed to purchase items from our personal hygiene closet, use of laundry or shower facilities and any items found at one of their three Dream Center Resale Store locations (Easley/Pickens/Seneca).

The Dream Center also has a homeless shelter program called The Opportunity Village. The Opportunity Village is one-of-a-kind homeless shelter program developed by The Dream Center. Using a “tiny house” model, the village provides 23 tiny units and 10 transitional houses to shelter homeless individuals and families. It is a one year program developed to grow and empower individuals and families toward becoming healthy mind, body and spirit. By the end of the program residents are in a stable and healthy place living a new life of self-sufficiency.


Navigating through COVID-19 has been challenging. As a non-profit who receives no government funding, their resale stores are their lifeline to keep programs running and employees paid. However, God has always provided and they believe He will continue to provide despite their stores being closed. Through this time they have had to be creative on how they can best serve the community while being closed to the public.

Donate Today!

One of the ways they have done that is by turning their free little library into a free little food pantry. They fill it with non-perishable items, and anyone needing food can come by and take whatever they need. Other members of the community have even restocked it for them! It truly is filling a need for those who need it most.

The other way they are currently serving our community is through a new program called Project SEW. The residents of The Opportunity Village have been learning to sew for several months as part of this new program. When the Coronavirus hit, the ladies decided to put their skills to good use and help others by sewing protective masks. They are so proud of them for continuing to make hundreds of masks for people in the community.