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Forrest Briggs Photography offers a fun and relaxing experience for a variety of services, including commercial photography and videography, marketing and promotional videos, professional headshots, architectural photography, and product photography. Forrest Briggs is known for maintaining good communication throughout the entire process from conceptualization all the way through to final delivery, while exceeding expectations.


The current conditions presented by COVID-19 provide the company with an advantage with respect to architectural photography (both interiors and exteriors). Not only is it easy for use to maintain our social distance but also most architects and commercial firms prefer to showcase their spaces void of people so that the audience can fully appreciate the feel, design and aesthetics of their work.

Vacant areas are also a blessing for marketing videos as the last thing a client typically wants while filming is for someone to walk through the background or photobomb the production. Additionally, the company is shooting more product photography for both local companies and for Amazon, as clients can ship their products to the company (as opposed to meeting in person and thus minimizing the likelihood of transmitting the virus).

Lastly the organization is helping to train companies’ marketing departments (as well as individuals) how to fully utilize their cameras by teaching them via Skype, Zoom, etc. Thus, they can keep costs down while increasing production value. It’s win-win for everyone!