Dalespets Grooming Salon

Hours of Operation

Tues: 9AM-5PM, Wed: 7:30AM-5PM, Thurs: 9AM-5PM, Fri: 7:30AM- 5PM, Sat: 9AM-3PM


About Us

Founder of Dalespets LLC, Dale has been grooming for almost 30 years. He began is career training under a professional groomer. From there, he went on to join a pet store chain with over 38 grooming shops throughout the Southeast. He thought he would retire within the corporate world of pet grooming, but unfortunately due to the economic crisis, in 2010, the company closed up shop. After many months of looking for work, he decided to cash out his 401(k) and founded Dalespets, LLC.

Today, Dalespets has become a viable part of the community and are doing well because they care about you and your pet. They treat your pet with the utmost priority, believing this is why they are growing and will continue to do business this way. Even more, they have no backroom to groom your pet. Instead, you can see all phases of your pet’s groom if you like – from the grooming table to the tub and back again.


They lost a week of work to revamp the salon to combat COVID-19. The team is disinfecting surfaces and tools regularly and had to cut personnel to adhere to social distancing (fewer people per square foot). Now, only two customers can be in the lobby at one time. As an alternative, they are going out to the cars and retrieving the pets and taking them back to you once the cut is complete. This has cut down on the number of pets they can groom in a day, but it is safer for their staff and clients. This will hopefully allow them to remain healthy and open for business.