Mr. Mike Strickland
SC Telco Board of Directors
Volunteer since 2001


Home: Lexington, South Carolina


Family: He and his wife Bonita have two daughters and five grandchildren.


Profession: Chief Operating Officer – TPRC Broadband


Hobbies: Mike enjoys gardening, spending time with his grandchildren, and walking along the beaches on Kiawah Island and Florida’s Gulf Coast.


Favorite Movie: Tombstone


Quote: “The cook was a good cook, as cooks go; and as cooks go, she went.” — by Saki


Fun Factoid: Mike enjoys watching Discovery and the History Channel.


His Credit Union: SC Telco. “I find great satisfaction in helping guide the success of our Credit Union for the benefit of our members.  It is extremely rewarding that SC Telco is thriving despite ongoing turmoil and consolidation in the financial services industry.”