History of SC Telco

SC Telco was founded in 1935 by William Wirt Stover and 18 employees of Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph Company as one of South Carolina’s first not-for-profit, cooperative financial institutions.

Today, we are one of the largest credit unions in the Palmetto State. And for over 80 years, our mission has remained consistent: to improve the financial lives of our members.

1930s – 1970s

1935: Chartered as Greenville Telco Federal Credit Union by employees of Southern Bell Telephone & Telegraph. Year-end assets total $5,000.

1962: Assets reach record $600,000.

1966: Branch opens in Columbia. Field of membership expands to include all telephone employees in state.

1972: Florence branch opens. Assets reach $3 million.


1980s – 1990s

SCT_History_Spartanburg copy

1977: Name changes to SC Telco Federal Credit Union.

1980: Checking and Certificate products introduced. ATM card program started.

1989: Named Federal Credit Union of the Year by the National Association of Federal Credit Unions.

1991: Merge with Wunda Weve FCU; assets reach $55 million.

1993: Home office moved to Toy Street into historical Hayne School building; build new branch in Columbia, at Pulaski Street.

1995: Opened Spartanburg branch.

2000s – Present

2001: Opened branch on Verdae Boulevard in Greenville.

2003: Merge with NP Employees Credit Union; reach $100 million in assets; online banking capabilities fully provided.

2006: Merge with Liberty FCU, expanding branch network into Taylors and Liberty; assets reach $119 million; build new Spartanburg branch.

2007: Build new branch in Florence.

2008: Acquire Easley branch from Anderson FCU.

2009: Assets reach $184 million.

2013: SC Telco launches mobile banking; assets reach $261 million.

2014: SC Telco relocates headquarters and support center to East Park Avenue, Greenville; named among South Carolina’s Best Places to Work.

2015: Brand refresh. Completed construction of a new state-of-the art branch on Verdae Boulevard.

2016: Assets reach $318 million.


SC Telco is not for profit; we’re for service.